Saturday, November 19, 2011


This world is a strange world. While from Obama to Pope all wants selfish publicity at any cost, they are also people who hates when someone else publicize at their cost. We are strange people. We love to put all our personal information on facebook to get attention, at the same time hate facebook for keeping a track of our personal data for 90 days. India is a strange country. Here we wait anxiously to see a porn star in a TV show, but protest for slightest sexual content on children movies. We make someone god for scoring 99 centuries, and then make the same person a devil for not being able to score just one more. We protest when onion price touches 50 rupees, of which only 5 rupees goes to the farmer; but are happy to pay 60 rupees for buying water mixed with gas and sugar that costs just 5 rupees to make. Here we make a cop hero when he catches the people who make us mad, and then claim that the same person is mad because he is calling us corrupt.

It’s a strange world and we are in strange times. The world economy is in trouble. US need a miracle to recover. Last time they were in a same situation they had WWII for rescue. All they need is another war and they will be superpower again. And what fight can be more entertaining now than the one between the big fat elephant and the dragon?

Indian government is also is a strange situation. After all scams and Annas they also need a miracle to save their ass. Histories have shown that citizens have always had soft corners with the government that fights a war. fool's patriotism. A war is all they need to stay in power. No wonder our PM wants China to back off China Sea. Just because it has China in its name it doesn’t belong to them. If that is true, then what about Indian Ocean? Strange!

By now you must be thinking what the hell is this strange post about? Well I don’t know. I was in no mood to write. Then why did I write? Well…I am strange! 

Strange things happens in this strange world...Here is appeal for Irfan>>> This is important!!! This is about justice...

I humbly request the readers, bloggers to help build genuine urgency and pressure on the Patna Police as their uncooperative behavior is not at all appreciative. I personally, am annoyed, angry, feel helpless with the way a common man's case is not given much attention. It is indeed Police's responsibility to enquire in to the matter for which F.I.R has been lodged. Telling the victim, his goods can not be retrieved and he should get them robber's details is unacceptable and need to be stopped.

If, public pressure is what makes Police get back to work, then perhaps we as Indian citizens need to keep working on it, till they feel ashamed, unlearn this behavior, learn to help Indian Citizens and gain some respect.

Here are the details of Irfan's case:

1.. Left my home locked at 07:00 AM on 06-11-2011
2.. Came back at about 06:00 PM on 08-11-2011 and found the main door lock broken
3.. after going inside i found that the Almirah kept in bedroom was open and all the ornaments kept inside the locker were missing
4.. every thing else inside home was untouched, no other Almirahs or anything else were even touched.....
5.. it seems that it has been done by some known person(may be the maid servant involved in it, bcoz no one else normally comes inside)
6.. i even mentioned maid's name with police but nothing has been done.....
7.. So far police not even asked my neighbors about the incident....
8.. whenever i met the police officers, they ask me to name the culprit so that they can nab him and simply see say "we are looking into the matter but don't have much expectations in the case"....
9.. i don't understand how they expect that i know the culprit and giving them shelter......
10 Case No...162/11 dtd...09-11-2011 at DIGHA POLICE STATION, PATNA, BIHAR.

So, this is all fact next month there is going to be marriage of my niece so most of the ornaments to be given to her were with us, so the thieves got those ornaments at one place in bulk....
i met so many police officials and influenced people and pleaded for my case but nothing seems to be working.....
everybody says why did you left ur home unmanned......and i too know that i did that crime which can't be rectified...:(


Here's the link to Irfan's blog post about the same.

I request you all to please, copy, link, Facebook, email or tweet the details and publish on your blog. It is an appeal, for we need to set an example that an honest man's hard earnings need to be respected and Police need to do it's job without harassing the victim.

I am traveling for a week. So till I am back enjoy, or hate, some of my travel pics HERE.


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  1. superb,funny & strange article :)

  2. Strange but true! It is like Ripley's Believe it or Not!

  3. There is many things that are strange in this world. 
    Why Norway behave so stupid about palestinian asyliumseekers, thats one thing I wonder about. 
    I guess we all have to say: stop, no we dont accept that anymore. So we can be truly free, and dont have to feel like criminals when we are innocent.

  4. Human beings are strange. The make you a hero overnight and write you off the next day. 

  5. Thank you for the appeal Sub. I could feel the anger in the post. 

    Hope to see you.


  6. We are strange beings. How truly said. And as rightly said by PK Talli, the anger is very visible in the latter part of the post.
    But I need to ask you something here, have any such forms of publicizing the common man's issue ever helped on a larger scale. The max it does is make us aware of it, it still does nothing substantial.

    Hope you have a great trip......Take care. And loads of love to Hridhima.

  7. I never knew that by it is not enough to lock the door for safety, we need to have it manned too. This is a strange situation for Irfan, strangely he may find a solution to this someday or may be nab the robber himself.

  8. World is surely strange and are we...Enjoy your trip...:)

  9. Yup.. everything is strange in this world! Anyway, I hope irfan gets justice soon.. 

  10. there is another strange thing that happened.. i was following ur blog..thismorning i realised that i have not been getting updates from you.. and came here to check.. and guess what.. I was not following your blog anymore :( :( :( .. have no idea how this crap happened.. and look at it so many posts i missed :(.. ok enough of whining .. when u r back from travel do visit my blog left you a small token of love .. hope u like it :) :)

  11. :)....been to their museum in was strange :)

  12. u r welcome....u asked, how can i say no ; is your health ?

  13. omg-the opening para bowled me over-it's like you pick out the truth from every end of the world and life and put it on our platter to make us introspect!
    the Irfan case is truly sad! hope the justice comes about fast!


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