Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Drunk Couple

Aihole (Karnataka) is a small little village that once was the cradle of South Indian temple architecture. Young architects came here to learn. They let their imaginations loose to create the beautiful sculptures that are seen in the 125 stone temples built by the Chalukyas.

The life of locals inspired them. In the sculptures you will find couples of 5th-century romancing, flirting, teasing, and even fighting with each other. This particular sculpture is called the drunk couple. Our guide told us that the two attendants are bartenders. The lady is too drunk to stand, or even hold on to her clothes. He further explained with lots of excitement that she had vomited and the dog was eating it. Even as she struggled to stand, one can see the love she has for her caring lover. She wraps one arm around his shoulder and looks affectionately into his eyes. Let there be love…let there be peace. Cheers!

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