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Poetry and Magic [by Aakriti]

"I am overwhelmed by the response for the guest posts...thanks to all of you...this one is from another Sagittarian like me, Aakriti...a psychology student who likes to read, write, travel, sing, dance, cook...and ...i can go on writing about her, i wish i had the time....over to her." - SUB

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This is the first time when I’m writing a Guest Post, not for my blog, but for a Bloggyfriend of mine~ SubJ whose posts are a joy reading for the mere reason that they are well researched and feed your brain with all that you could get to eat;) Penning Down from my space  Yarn of~ Words.

Poetry and Magic

“You can teach poetry, but you cannot teach someone to be a poet” – Adam Philips

Here’s saying a nice hi!-To those of you who do not read much poetry and for those of you who love to read and write poetry.
My tryst with the world of words began when I was 13 years old, and this year it’ll be 8 years in this world of words, that is enchanting, mesmerizing and insightful!
(I don’t wish to talk about myself, without further adieu, here I go…)
When I was in school, my very first self-composed poem got published in the Golden Jubilee School magazine, and I was elated! Had to be, as before that I would copy poems from other school magazine, give my name and be happy to see my ‘copied poem undersigned with my name’ in the magazine! Well, that was when I was a kid.
And here, with every prose I began to write, poetry that I would weave and thoughts that I stored in the treasure boxes called ‘words’ I only began to value words - and their essence.
Adam Philips writes in his book Promises, Promises –

We are all poets, but some are more poetic than others; and it is the difference that makes all the difference”

True, indeed his words are!
Just like, according to Sigmund Freud our mistakes, slips of tongues, slips in misreading or mishearing ( which he calls Parapraxes) have an underlying unconscious meaning in them, similarly poetry is something that beautifully and gracefully presents all your deepest desires, turmoil, conflicts, thoughts and emotions in a way that is not only socially acceptable but appreciable as well.
Before I share with all of you another wonderful line, I would like to share what Sigmund Freud meant by the defence mechanism of ‘sublimation’. It basically is a defence in which the deepest wants, desires which are socially unacceptable get transformed into a form which is rather socially acceptable. So to say if a man as a child was sexually attracted towards his mother, and did not overgrow that feeling, he may as an adult end up making an old age home only for women, thus unconsciously his desire gets presented into a socially ‘acceptable’ form. Similarly Freud says that all works of art, painting, drawing, creative writing, poetry, dance etc. have their roots in the unconscious.
Before you start questioning me on what disgusting thing I just wrote, I would like to share with you that one needs to understand Sigmund Freud well before we criticize him for his pervert thoughts and this my friends takes yearsJ (I’m still learning).

So, Adam Philips yet again, truly writes:

To be a poet is to be able to make the apparently impossible thing an acceptably pleasurable transgression”

Think over it, and tell me what you have to say on this? :)

I’ll end this guest post with these words of mine-

Stay happy! Stay Blessed!

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  1. hey Sub,

    First Congratulations on becoming a proud Daddy and wish you and your family all the best. And then about this guest post...I agree that "all works of art, painting, drawing, creative
    writing, poetry, dance etc. have their roots in the unconscious". But, Still, I think..there is too much that we don't know our unconscious works and how it interacts with the sub conscious and the conscious mind...and hence there is still a lot of mystery to be unraveled. But, may be, its all for the long as we don't know the exact reason of our creativity...there is a subtle brilliance and that mystery feel in every work of an art. And may be..when , if by chance, we do unravel everything, creativity will cease to exist and it will become like a product of a assembly line. Sublimation is explained well..with an example here..but..I would definitely like to read some more on this...Hey you want me to order something by Sigmund Freud as well from amazon? :P

  2. Hey Kunal...well I'd like to share some of the papers of Sigmund Freud, and perhaps then u'll realize why he was a true genius:) and u said it all beautifully and I do agree with u. While psychoanalysis and psychoanalysts do reach the deepest of the layers of the unconscious to help their patients, I feel and more so agree with u that there are some things which we are best not to know of, else the beauty might just get tinted. the same time we should know that it is the unconscious which has its own mechanisms of making us forget things which are too anxiety provoking for us to deal with- and this in Psychoanalytic terms is called "repression" ..Guess I'll have to start enlightening my bloggy friends now:) And it will indeed be a pleasure.
    As far as ur not- knowing abt how the unconscious, sub conscious and the conscious interacts..let me clear to u, that this is in fact one of the critiques which many ppl had on Freud's work, precisely coz it seemed to abstract, however that was not the case.

    Don't order a book yet.. and if u really wish to "Interpretation of Dreams" is his most popular one, widely read in the non- psychology population. I'll mail u his papers:) to begin with.Enjoy reading and thanks for ur thoughts:)

  3. Wow... psychology and poetry... deadly combination.
    The statement on all art in all forms being a representation of the unconscious is true to the level of being scary.
    Am a psychology student myself and I can not agree with you more on how much Sigmund Freud has given to this field. However, allow me to say that his perception of the human unconscious was extremely bent towards sexual desires. I believe that there is more to the unconscious than that.
    Also hats off to you for taking the example of the Oedipus complex. It's a perfect example.

    Great post. And am going to be dropping by your blog soon. :)

  4. this was pretty interesting- poetry and psychology since i harbour interest in both of them! As for Sigmund Freud , am still getting to know him and read about him..definitely a man to look upto for his theories of the conscious and unconscious..the concept of id, ego and superego have really impressed me!
    good post!

  5. Hey Janhvi..thank u so very much. Yes indeed poetry and psychology..more than that if u have read Freud in original, you may agree to what many have said- that he was a great literary writer as fact this book by Adam Philips, Promises, Promises has a beautifully penned down chapter on Poetry and Psychoanalysis.
    Yes I purposely used the example of Oedipus comples, coz I wanted to tell people that there is more to Freud than just his "so thought or called pervertness" ..It is only when I read him in original and understood with the help of my teachers, that his sexuality is more than just "sexuality" as understood by all of us..I still have a long way to go..and considering the amount of his published work, it easily takes years to understand him well..Thanks again..

    Would love to have u on my blog more often..have replied to ur comment on "My First Step" post as well:)
    Stay Blessed

  6. Hey Sarah..thank u so much. m glad you liked going through the post!:) I personally find his theory on defence mechanism very applicable and true and yeah parapraxes as well..I'm thinking of writing a blogpost soon on Parapraxes..that should be an interesting read..I;m hoping;)

  7.  This post is obviously a sort of a motivation for the amateur poets. 'A poet may not be a dancer but he can make his words dance to any tune'......that's the advantage of being a poet. That's what I feel.
    Anyway, add life to ur words and build your own literary world.

  8. well, i always wanted to write a poetry but whenever i tied,  i found that in the end it is turning out to be a prose...and i agree with "Adam Philips" bcoz  now i know it very well that i am the "least poetic".......

  9. a blog award for you :)


  10. Hey Irfan...I never wanted to write these quotes to make any one feel sad..sure everyone has a talent..some write proses, some write poetry..but behind every written matter- one thing remains the same...and they are nothing but WORDS:)
    Go ahead..give a try...I believe that just like anything writing too makes us better..every single text goes a long way.....thnk u for taking out time to read


  11. Hye Sriram...thank u so much. Poetry indeed is magical:) and adds that unspoken dash of aura in our lives...words say it all..would drop by at ur place soon.

  12. Hi Sub, 
    You are tagged here. Enjoy :)

  13. I would love to do a guest post on KHOJ!! leme know where i can mail you :)

  14.>>>will publish in Nov

  15. Sub you are on a roll :P 

    Cheers Aakriti for a well written post and i have too little knowledge about the genius authors you mentioned. sigh!

    #_# The Blunt Blog

  16. right now...i a on nappy changing schedule :)

  17. Beautiful... 

    No i dont agree everyone can be a poet.. for the life of me I cant , have tried it now and then but it doesnot work out :) so exceptions are always there and ME in this case. 

    Lovely post by Aakriti , congrats to her too will visit her blog for sure 


  18. Heya PK ...cheers!!!thnk u so much. I'm glad that you liked it:) knowledge is something that is never ending like the horizon and I hope you understood some bits from this post...I just mentioned Sigmund Freud and Adam Philips..and the quotes I used were lines from Philip's text "Poetry and Psychoanalysis"i guess they were simple enough to understand....I never wish to sound too brainy or intellectual...:P but m sorry if you didn't get some bits. feel free to ask any qstns if u have:) 

  19. Thank u Bikram...sure. I can understand ur viewpoint on the fact that everybody cannot be a poet...and here is another line I'd liek to share by Adam Philips, that goes on my blog too..:
    "You can teach poetry, but you cannot teach someone to be a poet". ~Adam Philips 

    Thank you for coming by at Yarn of ~ Words..would love to see you there :)

  20. not anybody can be a poet...but a poet can come from anybody...remember Ratatouille? :)

  21. Yeah Sub....sure i agree..and I love that cute movie and the spirit :):)

  22. beautifully written. anyone can be a poet difference is there that how they express themselves and need to put little effort. i was really not knowing about the names or author mentioned above .. cheers !!

  23. Hey one was aware of Adam Philips until I mentioned him in this post....he is a very well read psychoanalyst...loved his words on poetry and so u see him here:)...sure u can write poetry...soem are gifted some...over time can become gifted;)


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