Saturday, October 22, 2011

Your Eyes and My Wish! [by Neeraj]

"This is Neeraj with his wish. A blogger who puts in a lot of thought to his posts. You can find him HERE!" - SUB

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At present, I am working in the marketing department of a steel company, the office is in Kolkata.  Amid pushing and shoving of the metro trains, I try to keep on thinking. I like writing abstract stuff, which I find tough, but sometimes I get some success with some topics on abstract front. I like to write on subjects that surround me, with a different angle, though every time I don’t succeed.
Anyways, I am a big fan of the writings of SUB and here I am contributing for the first time as a guest blogger.

Your Eyes and My Wish!

Little Sudeethi who inspired this post
I wish that your eyes savour every hue that nature has,
I wish that your eyes savour every new that future has.

I wish that your eyes ask questions that change the world,
I wish that your eyes bask situations that arrange your world.

I wish that your eyes see beyond the veneer of ordinary,
I wish that your eyes break through the layer of quandary.

I wish that your eyes witness flight of try,
I wish that your eyes witness height of sky.

You React:


  1. my best wishes for  those lovely eyes  to witness the height of sky....a wishful post by Neeraj.....

  2. The eyes are unbiased but a biased mind blurs what we see

  3. Beautiful eyes... yet to be coloured by bias.....
    and beautiful post!

  4.  Take good care of ur eyes readers so that ur eyes can even wish to witness these well said things. Nice thoughtflow Mr.Neeraj and keep creating; nothing can stop ur creative force for this world is yours.......

  5. Those innocent eyes. I miss them.

  6. It does not matter if the parent is a renonwed person in society... but when a dad/mom comes home... it is these pair of innocent eyes that rule them..every decision , every step of the parent revolves around what is best for their child...  such is the strength of a baby's eyes...

  7. Thanx for ur best wishes Irfan.

  8. Thanx for your comments egedenne.

  9. Yes so true, and aren't we always in search for unbiased emotions in life?
    Thanx Rahul for commenting.

  10. yes they are yet to be coloured with bias, and I wish they remain unbiased even in the complextities of life.

  11. Thanx for commenting Janhvi.

  12. I am really floored with ur lovely applauding words Sri. Sure I will keep creating as long as people like you are there to encourage.

    Thanx Sri for commenting.

  13. We all miss them as we are entangled in trivialities of life most of the time.
    Thanx for commenting Prateek.

  14. Yes a baby's eyes make all hours spent in the office or working outside worthwhile.
    Thanx for commenting cocktail party.

  15. More than the post, the pic intrigued me and got me to visit the post. :) She seriously has mystical eyes!! :)

  16. Yes indeed she has the mystical eyes. Thanx for commenting Swati.

  17. I was caught by those eyes while reading your other post... beautiful 

    1. Yes you are right Farida Ji. And really sorry for acknowledging your comment.


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