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Prejudice is the biggest problem in the society. It can be it in terms of religion, cast, sex, skin-colour, status etc. Prejudice can also be in form of the feeling that human beings are the greatest creation, or even patriotism about artificially created borders. The motto of KHOJ is to gain knowledge and break that prejudice. But there is a word of caution for the readers. To break the prejudice KHOJ might throw upon you the concepts it believes in. If the reader believes on KHOJ’s perception without question, then KHOJ itself might incept a prejudice in the readers mind thus failing in it own motto. KHOJ is trying to break its own world of prejudice, but at times that prejudice might get reflected in its writing. Please do challenge them.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Whore and the Hypocrite

Animals are sexual beings and human beings are animals. Even a male fetus in the womb has erection (unfortunately there is no way to know about the females). Human beings have realized that and respected the fact for centuries until some stupid came up with the idea of chastity. A word that suddenly made ‘sex’ sound bad also meant that incest, fornication and prostitution became sin. Unfortunately the worst victims of chastity are women. Just because they take the pain of giving birth, society rewarded them with the blame of the original sin.
Women as Sex Object #Wikipedia

Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Pursuit of Pain

I believe nothing in this world is bad, I believe in no devils. That is probably one reason why I find no need for god. Good and bad are biased perception of human intelligence, like god and devil. It exists only in human mind. That is also the place where pain resides. Pain is something unpleasant, yet, it is through endurance of pain that greatness is achieved. Ever heard of the Okipa ceremony of the Mandan Indians? If you haven’t check this out>>! It is a ceremony about creation of earth where warriors prove their courage by going through pain. The warriors are starved, skin slit, hanged and then rewarded by cutting off their left pinkie finger. Finally they run their last run. Those who get out alive get respect and fame. It sounds horrible and painful, but many of these warriors have done it twice (I don’t know which finger they cut off the second time)! Pain is not something that cannot be controlled if the reward is great. Sometimes getting rid of pain is in itself a great reward.