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Monday, February 23, 2015

Khushboo Gujarat Ki

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Gujarat is alcohol, or rather the absence of it. That, along with the dominantly vegetarian diet, meant that it was never a preferred travel destination for a meat loving geologists like us. In a beach of Gujarat I once had the audacity to ask a local person where I can find sea-food. The gentleman stared at me and my wife in not so gentle way and responded ‘I am a Jain’, and went away. However, couple of weeks in Gujarat, and we fell in love with their vegetarian thali, especially the khichri they serve at dinner. The sweet taste of the food suits the Bong taste buds. It was rather the breakfast that we had problem with. Jalebi-Fafda was a combination we could not have every day. So we kept searching for varieties like Paranthas and dosas. Luckily we got a few restaurants that served those, and were quite tasty. Once we discovered a restaurant that was a specialist in pav-bhajji. We went in hoping to get reminded of our good old days in Mumbai, least prepared for the shock we were about to get. When our plate of pav-bhajji arrived we realized that the owner of this specialized pav-bhajji shop does not understand the meaning of pav. What we got instead were toasts, and paneer gravy. Unfortunately even the paneer was old, and the smell coming from the dish made us run away. In case you happen to be in Porbandar remember the name ‘Jai Chamunda’, a restaurant you do not want to enter. Food in the rest of the trip was pretty good, the best being the 7 Seas restaurant in Jamnagar.  It serves meat too.
Map of Gujarat showing places of interest