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Welcome to KHOJ: The search to know our roots and understand the meaning of our existence.

Prejudice is the biggest problem in the society. It can be it in terms of religion, cast, sex, skin-colour, status etc. Prejudice can also be in form of the feeling that human beings are the greatest creation, or even patriotism about artificially created borders. The motto of KHOJ is to gain knowledge and break that prejudice. But there is a word of caution for the readers. To break the prejudice KHOJ might throw upon you the concepts it believes in. If the reader believes on KHOJ’s perception without question, then KHOJ itself might incept a prejudice in the readers mind thus failing in it own motto. KHOJ is trying to break its own world of prejudice, but at times that prejudice might get reflected in its writing. Please do challenge them.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


This world is a strange world. While from Obama to Pope all wants selfish publicity at any cost, they are also people who hates when someone else publicize at their cost. We are strange people. We love to put all our personal information on facebook to get attention, at the same time hate facebook for keeping a track of our personal data for 90 days. India is a strange country. Here we wait anxiously to see a porn star in a TV show, but protest for slightest sexual content on children movies. We make someone god for scoring 99 centuries, and then make the same person a devil for not being able to score just one more. We protest when onion price touches 50 rupees, of which only 5 rupees goes to the farmer; but are happy to pay 60 rupees for buying water mixed with gas and sugar that costs just 5 rupees to make. Here we make a cop hero when he catches the people who make us mad, and then claim that the same person is mad because he is calling us corrupt.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

In pursuit of happiness

Human beings pursuit for happiness has been eternal. Search the internet and you will find thousand advices that are suppose to make you happy, from buying a cat to donating an organ. Obviously it is something that is damn important to us. But, like the Holy Grail, the search has eluded us. Why is it so important to us? What make us happy?

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hi All! It’s sweet November and winter is knocking on the door.  But it was this October that had been sweeter for me. I am finally back writing for KHOJ after almost a month…and what a month it was. My last post was the anniversary post where I poured in the ideas that covered a year of KHOJ [Click here]. The very next day our little angel Hridhima came and changed our lives forever. I took three weeks off to be with her. In between, while she slept, I came up with Evolving Daddy. But all the while I ignored KHOJ. It was YOU readers who kept it alive. For that I owe you all a BIG gratitude! I would also like to thank a few special bloggers here.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It’s a good life [Anand]

"Here is ANAND and his Musings...because life is like that...Check out his blog for a better and happier life....:)" - SUB
When SUB asked me to write a guest post for KHOJ, I didn’t have any second thought and said yes. Of course, who will say no to SUB and his lovely, thoughtful blog? I thank him for choosing me to write a post here. It’s indeed an honour! When I pondered on the topic for him, this was what came to my mind. It’s a good life out there and why can’t we enjoy it to the fullest?