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Hi All! It’s sweet November and winter is knocking on the door.  But it was this October that had been sweeter for me. I am finally back writing for KHOJ after almost a month…and what a month it was. My last post was the anniversary post where I poured in the ideas that covered a year of KHOJ [Click here]. The very next day our little angel Hridhima came and changed our lives forever. I took three weeks off to be with her. In between, while she slept, I came up with Evolving Daddy. But all the while I ignored KHOJ. It was YOU readers who kept it alive. For that I owe you all a BIG gratitude! I would also like to thank a few special bloggers here.

First of all I would like to THANK all those who wrote guest posts for KHOJ:

The first guest post in KHOJ was written by Chintan, author of a Blunt Blog. So if you don’t mind NUDITY then go and check her post HERE!

The next post was by Somyanshu. Check out his philosophy of life - LIFE IS LIKE A TREE. IDENTIFY AND NURTURE THE STEM AND THE BRANCHES WILL TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES – in this link! So…now what?

What about some poetry and magic? That’s what you will find HERE in the post by Aakriti. She is a Psychology student who can read your post and know what’s in your mind. So be careful! (And she isn't scary :p...i said it this b'coz she she realized something just by reading my posts :p)

Next is the post by Vijay. HERE he is! Check his POST where he unravels the dark side of life in IIT.

[While most of it is true, I don’t think IIT is only about studying. It’s also about GPL, about falling in LOVE and broken hearts (girls have advantage here because of sheer numbers; sometimes small is wonderful, small is a revolution),  booze on the hostel roof, ganja with Pink Floyd, partying with friends, night outs with girlfriend(s), rain-trek in the mountains, evening by the lake…..and…..loads of porn. Sometimes, life just can’t get better…or happier!]

And happiness is exactly what Anu gave to Khoj. Even though she is very young, you will find a mature head when you read her posts here. She thinks if you want to be happy just live the moment! For long I have wished to write something on happiness. I hope, inspired by Anu, I will come up with one soon.

For now, it is Neeraj’s wish, inspired by little Sudeethi. Her eyes are lovely and innocent. Check out his lovely poem here. Do take the loving journey of probing life.

It is that journey that Saru will take you through in her Guest Post in Khoj. She has mesmerized the world through her words. In case there is a very faint probability that you haven’t been to her blog, you are missing something.

You are also missing something if you haven’t read Janhvi’s take on INCEST. It is a post that is going to make you think, it is a post that is going to challenge the stereotypes… that is Janhvi…for more such Thoughtful Thoughts Click Here. I totally agree with Janhvi’s thoughts, because I believe we are all product of incest!

[Our blood line isn’t pure, and it takes simple maths to prove it. Consider you have a pure bloodline. Let’s say you were born in 1986. On 1985 your existence depended on your parents having sex at that precise time, and amongst the millions of sperm it was you who made it.  That’s why I believe no one is a born looser; you were born because you were a winner! Go back another generation (consider an average generation gap of 25 years) and your existence depended on your parents (2) and their parents (4) coupling at the right time. That makes it 6 people of pure blood line, or so you think. Go back 13 generations to the time when British landed in India. Your existence depended on coupling of around 8200 people. By the time Babar landed in India it would raise to 131,000people. During our Golden Era it would already be 1,152,921,504,606,850,000! Going back 86 generations to the time of Buddha it would be 77,371,252,455,336,300,000,000,000! That many human beings never roamed the earth (this website estimate 108 billion only). You would not exist without a bit, rather a lot, of incest! ]

Please don’t commit suicide after hearing that! Hold on because here is Prateek and his SUICIDE. He wonders why people commit suicide, I wonder too. Go visit Prateek’s unwise blog for some satires and random observations…entertainment guaranteed.

[I guess it is part to do with our faulty society which puts too much pressure on people to succeed, partly because people do not have the guts to face life….and there are some, like Chanakya, who had enough courage to commit it (iccha mrityu). ]

There is another good reason not to commit suicide, because LIFE IS GOOD! That’s what Anand and his Musings have for you. Go visit his blog here and life will be good.

[Money is not bad; it’s just a piece of paper. It’s how it is used that is good or bad. People want money to be happy, so definitely happiness is the priority here. So money shouldn’t come at the cost of happiness. Probably that’s what we forget sometimes.]

For all you angels who wrote guest post in KHOJ I have a little surprise at the end.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those bloggers who liked Khoj and showered it with awards. These thanks were pending for a long time. Check out my page ACCOLADES!

A BIG THANKS to Madhumathi, Janhvi, Sujatha, Ege, Chintan, Bloggers World, Namrata, Stuti, Ashwini & Aakriti. The surprise is for all you angels too.

Here is a small token of appreciation from KHOJ awarded by lil Hridhima on completion of her first month. Go Grab it!

Thanks Again,
Let’s Live. Let’s Laugh. Let’s Fly.

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  1. O.M.G.!!!!:):):):) Sub!!!!lots of love and hugs and puchis to Hridhima<3<3:) This makes me so happy. To know that your blog on a bloggyfrnd's "fav list" is indeed an honour filled with tonnes of motivation, love and appreciation. Busy with work...but will soon chk out the guest posts by other bloggers on Khoj....and welcome back evolving dady on ur quest for other things in life......
    PS: U make me sound scary :/....I'm first a person and a human being then a student of Psychology..!

  2. Yes. I want an award. :P
    Please send the image via mail. I'm unable to copy it.

  3. :) Thank you so much SUB :) I wonder what I have done.........

  4. Thanks a million tons for the surprise. I feel so proud of myself for getting this award.

    And wow, that fact was not anywhere in my mind when I wrote on Incest. Thanks for that too.

  5. Congrats on completinh a year....
    God bless the little one....

  6. //we are all product of incest!//

    Good point. Simple to understand yet so difficult to accept!

  7. OK...i changed it :p
    all the best with your work and life :)

  8. Thanks :) guest post is due, m sorry i havn't been able to mail in time..
    your blog deserves all the laurels that it has earned :)

  9. never mind....take your time :)...your post will be here whenever you are ready :)

  10. Congrats on the anniversary, I missed it. Busy with settling down in new city. A big thanks for making me a part of your blog...:) BTW, I love your new blog, pass on thanks to Hridhima. 

  11. thank u so much for the lovely award. n yeah m sorry for being late. i feel proud to be tagged by you. thanx a ton

  12. u didn't miss it...remember the timeline??i know u r busy

    all the best :)

  13. Well a small correction. The post never said anything about life in an IIT, infact I have often heard it is case as you have mentioned. But it was about the life at one of those coaching centers where people end up going in the name of preparation for the IIT's.

  14. This blog is getting better day by day; I believe, this blog is all set to shine like an eternal star in the days to come!!!! ALL THE BEST SUB


  15. Good Luck to you on Khoj as well as Evolving dad. cheers.

  16. Congratulations :)


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