Monday, August 15, 2011

FUCK India

'United we Stand’, but then why should we stand? Isn’t it the backbenchers who stand? Since we do not like to stand, we don’t like being united. Infact there never was a united India before the British Raj.  India was separate smaller kingdoms living together bounded by the mountains and oceans. [That does not however mean that there was no identity of India. If we look at the writings of ancient writers, both from and outside India, about India we still find the entity of India. India however represented a greater culture that spread from East Afghanistan to Malaysia]   Even during independence many states wanted, not to be part of India, but a separate country. These included Travancore, Bhopal, Jodhpur, Junagadh, Hyderabad and Kashmir. It is not surprising then that there is hardly anything, apart from cricket, that unites India. I find it really surprising how democracy survived in this country for so many years. But then, that is the miracle called India.

The revolt of 1857 was united India’s first war of independence. People remember it as a mutiny by Indian soldiers forgetting the active role played by the peasants and nobles. But then whom to blame, forgetting is the most common disease in India. We forgot the Vedas of ancient Hindus, we forgot the architectures of Moguls, we forgot the infrastructure provided by British, we forgot the terrorist attack in Mumbai, we forgot the humility and kindness that we were once known for, and we even forgot how to play cricket. We lost the battle of 1857 because of lack of planning and coordination, something we still lack after 64 years of freedom. If you do not believe me then watch India v/s England test series. The revolution meant that India came under the direct rule of the queen. 48 years later, the British made a shrewd ‘divide and rule’ policy successfully increasing the tensions between Hindus and Muslims. This would ultimately lead to partition of India. The ghost of that policy still haunts us in the name of border disputes and terrorism.  We fight, forgetting the reason why we started fighting.

What we also forgot was that Indians celebrated the First Independence Day on 26th, the last Sunday of January 1930, and not on 15th August. Indians all over came together and declared ‘purna swaraj’, complete freedom. This time there was better planning and coordination, and more importantly there was not a single case of violence. Had we achieved our true independence then, we could have avoided partition and a lot of bloodshed. However, it was 15th August 1947, when India was given freedom, a time when the Second World War just ended. The date was selected by the British cleverly to remind Indians of Japan’s surrender to the Allied Forces after the world witnesses a dirty display of atomic power. There is a lot to be proud of our independence, but nothing to be proud of the date 15th August.

1950’s was an interesting time in history as the global power shifted from the imperialistic Europe to America and Russia. Soviets and US engaged themselves in a massive competition to become the world superpower, and India was inevitably a big prize. Even though India’s democracy had more similarity to Americans than the Marxism of the Soviets, India preferred the later for economic and military aid. Indian’s saw in Americans similar characteristics as the British, and India was separated from it just by an ocean controlled by US navy. Soviets on the other hand had neither an onland route nor a navy to control India directly. US took the India-Soviet relation as a threat and thus aided Pakistan to weaken India. This geopolitics of cold war increased the strategic importance of Afghanistan. Soviets, with encouragement from Indians, wanted it badly to enclose Pakistan from both sides.

Even China saw the Indo-Soviet relationship as a threat as their relationship with Soviets deteriorated. Irony was that a Maoist China, along with democratic America, helped military dictatorship of Pakistan to counter the relationship between democratic India and Marxist Soviets. Chinese involvement made control of Kashmir, which connected China to Pakistan, critical. Neither India nor Pakistan want Kashmir for the poor people living in the paradise on earth, they want it for selfish military and political reasons.

In the 90’s Soviet Union collapsed ending the Cold War. The pro-Pakistani Taliban government, helped by Americans, replaced the Indian-allied Soviets from Afghanistan. America wanted to control Afghanistan in order to have influence over the emerging Asia, and protect its oil interests in the Middle East. But Pakistan itself lost the strategic importance it had earlier. It was China, rather than India that became the biggest threat to US now. The tables were turned, as US now wanted to befriend India rather than the pro-Chinese Pakistan.  No wonder US attacked Pakistan and apparently killed Osama there.

The dirty geopolitics, border insecurities and lack of unity meant India could hardly focus it’s resource on developing the country. It started to grow weak from within until the time Dr. Manmohan Singh took the bold step to open up our economy. The GDP improved rapidly, but it was not helped by the growing inequality. The illiteracy also increased as India forgot true knowledge that it was once proud of. Even the prestigious IIT’s does not rank amongst the top universities in the world. Inequality and a flawed democracy gave people in power enough scope of corruption that reached its peak in 2011 as thousands of Indians joining Anna Hazare in a protest against corruption.

We are part of another interesting phase in history as India celebrates 64 years of independence. The powerful economies have weakened, new countries are gaining stronger foothold in the world arena. The superpowers are changing again. It will be interesting to see how India emerges out of this phase with all the problems it already has.

To me there are 4 things India lack: Free-mind, Unity, Coordination/Planning and Knowledge/Education. If India needs a smooth ride through this phase it has to implement policies that promote them. I call it the F.U.C.K. India plan, not a bad name considering our population growth. In case you are offended by that word, all I can say is that it is just a word. We have freedom of speech don’t we? Or probably not. The government is watching my ass, even in facebook. After all the scams unravelled, India’s condition is worse than just a word. We gave too much importance on words and too less on action. It’s time to act. Miles to go, but it is upto us to make India a place ‘where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high’.

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INDIA AFTER GANDHI: The History of World’s Largest Democracy – By Ramchandra Guha
THE GEOPOLITICS OF INDIA: A Shifting, Self-Contained World - By Dr. George Friedman (2008), Stratfor

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  1. By far... best post of yours on contemporary issues and with a brilliant solution FUCK India...
    and yeah u r absolutely right we Indians have the tendency of overreacting on trivial issues.

    Super like !!!
    Its going straight to my Facebook wall  :)

  2. Bharathiraja RamachandraboseAugust 15, 2011 at 11:31 AM

    Yet another good one!

  3. glad that u liked it so much...and thanks for sharing...:)

  4. Well thought, well written post. Excellent work.

  5. Sub this probably is your best post....very well written and the news paper shots were icing on the cake!

  6. Wonderful write up Sir ji...
    You must have done a lot of homework for this post....Loved it.

  7. Were the others that bad ? ;p lol
    glad u liked it Chintan...

  8. Thanks a lot Irfan ji :)...
    i did a bit! :)

  9. The politically united country India as we know it today, following a uniform laws and orders applicable to all sections of the society, irrespective of their caste, creed is no doubt a young country.

    But fortunately we had several instances of this almost entire peace of land under ruler, such as Mauryas -


    Gupta Empire-

    To certain extent Chalukyas

    And Mughals before East India Company -

    I think before we started playing cricket , we shared culture (which comprises of language, religion, food and festivals) for 1000s of years.

    Couldnt agree more that while we have a glorified past, it is uptp us to make things work, draw inspiration from the past and work towards a better present and future.

    Great post. Happy Independence Day !

  10. yes...ALMOST...there were times when we got very CLOSE to being one...but never really one...that is why we always broke down into smaller kingdoms immediately after the fall of a great ruler...the difference in the customs between west, east, north and south India is very old...we do share a common root, but so does all human beings in the world before we migrated from Africa...

    I am too looking for a better future...thanks a lot for your valuable inputs Nitin...


  11. oohh.. came to know lotsa new things... Thanks for sharing..!!

  12. the first pic...of the kid...was clicked by you?

  13. I dont know the whole story about India, but what I do know is that it is surprising how fast we forget, all over the world really, how much responsibility we have for others. And of course, we cant put the whole world on our shoulders, but we can do something every day, small or big. 

    Here in Norway, they focus on how to deal with what happens here, but I see they dont focus on behavour for each person Some says: oh we got to stand together, and the next they do is saying: this is not MY problem, about another subject. 

    I believe, there will be much bigger changes, when each one is taking a choice and just do something, no matter how small it is. And then others will follow. 

    And the newspaper and other media can just pretend they know the truth about how things are in your or my country, but the fact are; they dont really care. There is only the money issue for them.

    This is how I see it. Others may not agree, but I got to live for what I believe in, and that's freedom for all people. No matter where, what color, and the past.

    So, in general, what happens in India and all other places, are everyones issue. For me, I feel sometimes captured. I see pictures of starving kids and wonder what the...... can I do... Sending money is just a too easy way out for me. So I decided to be truthful to those around me, and do what I feel is right for me. Then I believe it will spread like waterdrop in the sea..

    Keep on what you believe in, not for others, but for yourself.

  14. thanks for your valuable comments Ege...Agree with you...

    politics, media, professions....somewhere down the line we have become very selfish...all we care about is ourselves and say it's not my problem...and it is true for humanity worldwide...we stand and fight only when we are hurt...if we are living a good life we give a damn about others....problem is, at the end we all suffer...inequality is not a problem only of the poor comes back and hunts the rich as well...for a peaceful world to exist we have to care for others and help each other out....hope people realize that some day...

  15. So interesting! I'm going to read it and then share it with my husband to read. He loves history!

    I worked with a ton of people from India when I lived in Atlanta, GA. The bosses talked down to any woman that worked there. When they were around it just seemed like an uncomfortable place to work. At first I thought everyone from India was like that. I was so wrong! EVERYBODY else was super nice and down to earth!

    Side note: I loved the smell of their food! 

  16. can never generalize India or Indians...

    lol...spicy Indian food!!!

  17. Well, the first image is very disturbing, reminds me of my days in NCR. A true analysis of our country. I wish we forget to forget things. We must stop living for our petty issues and start living for a bigger cause. Like your plan, though when I saw it in my dashboard, I was thinking what happened to Subhrasis:)

    Let's be independent in true sense...I love this post!

  18. lol...thanks Saru...:)
    yes it is time to be independent in true sense!

  19. I must say it is very well written. However I am not quite sure whether India's democracy had more similarity to Americans because after independence "socialism" was the philosophy of Congress, especially Nehru.  Not only Soviet Russia, we were hobnobbing with China too till we lost some territory to them. This socialistic tone underlined the outlook of Congress even during Indira Gandhi's time. So it was not just democracy but democracy conditioned by socialism which dictated its foreign policy till 70s. Also I am not sure whether the border risks (thereby disproportionate defence spend) which hindered India's growth.  Selfish polititians, inappropriate taxation policies, illogical subsidies, etc in my view played a major role.

  20. Awesome writeup and heavy study of the past.... 

  21. Liked it.. very nice post.. hmm nothing else to say..

  22. Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs...

    true...should i say, the written democracy had more similarity to Americans...
    India had been pro-Soviet, and there was a reason...had Russia won the cold war, things would probably have been different for India...

    and India had tried to be friendly with China (hindi chini bhai bhai), but that was at a time when Chinese had good relations with Russia...India's problem with China started when Russia and China parted ways...US and China have aided Pak so that India become busy strengthening their onland defense rather than build a strong navy, which is the key to trading...and also a lot of money has been spent on is not the only reason, but part of the reason for our inequality...and inequality is the main cause of corruption...'Selfish polititians' comes from selfish people... the way we drive on roads, it is easy to see how selfish we is 'us' who have to change if we want to change our country...

  23. Nothing could have been better than this. this shows how much knowledge u have. u have made me proud that I am incontact with a guy who is so concerned about knowing this type of things.. cool. keep it up buddy.

  24. Impressive Post :) Hope India wakes up to the much needed change of the hour !!!

  25. very well analysed!
    i wish we weren't as forgetful a race as we are 
    its sad that the planning issues that caused the 1857 mutiny to fail still affects us today

  26. Perfectly Analyzed!
    And the F.U.C.K India plan - the best!

  27.  Try saying FUCK India outside the Parliament, you will become a national Hero.  A well researched post as always SUB.  Time we demanded more governance and accountability from our leaders.

  28. Well analyzed, researched post. To be honest, it cleared many of my doubts and started a new thread in my mind.  Impressive!!! 

  29. Well you are right in a way- there was no concept of India until the British came here. No wonder the Govt had to have all those songs around national integration ( Mile sur mera tumhara etc ) in the 1980s. But interestingly what really is sort of uniting us today may be the way we have taken to an open market system. We have forgotten differences in region and language in our quest for money. And as you say why not - FUCK is important!! Good post!

  30. a
    well researched and structured post---if only you had gone low on the
    expletive, i could have directed some people from a generation older
    than ours, to this space...but then again, you said it was just a
    word..and probably one which the youth of today would find easier to!!
    Jokes apart, im impressed with your interest in if only
    this could be posted to the GOI...and then again, if only the GOI was
    that receptive..sigh!!



  31. Very informative post but other than FUCK we also lack decisive leadership  across all party lines...

  32. thanks a lot Abhilash,,,my pleasure :)

  33. i hope too :)..thanks Irene

  34. true...sad...but i hope for a better future...
    thanks Sujatha

  35. great idea...might give me a change to meet some great personalities in Tilhar :)

  36. I am glad that it did Sunil....thanks a lot :)

  37. thanks are right about the open market...guess that applies only to the people with money :)

  38. I do have a sanitized (guest) post in the link mentioned above...can share that if you want :)

  39. thanks Alka....true we do, and UCK might well be the cause...

  40. It is a beautiful daredevil post. I congratulate U.  

     What is incredible about India is its moderately happy existence( I remember the poor kid's photo above.. yet ) despite its gaping shortcomings on many fronts and its religious,linguistic,cultural,financial, and political diversities . And now, with its great baggage of Billion plus in population it is making its financial presence felt on the world stage, 64 years ago no one in their wildest dreams would have thought of India becoming as a financial power. It was easy for India to become another Somalia had there not been a visionary like Sri Narasimha Rao.

    You have made a brilliant post on the independence day, Subu

  41. thanks a lot for your comments...

    even i thought so till i saw what the govn did to the hundreds of slum dwellers in Delhi NCR before the CWG...we are free and happy for sure compared to most of the countries...but then what fraction of the population do 'we' represent? very less...population is our strength...but if we do not reduce the inequality we will end up with lots of hungry population... that would be bad :)

    yes India has a lot of great qualities...but a long way to go...


  42. Hello, I dropped by to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, but stopped to check out your blog and I'm drawn to it, will be checking out the rest of it, time permitting, and also following you....keep up the good work...loved your posts...and hope to interact with you more in future.. :-)

  43. That is a very well written and well researched post. But, don't you think that the title is a little, er, strong?

  44. As a democracy we have much more freedom than we know of. 

  45. Hi, nice write up... Puneet...

  46. thanks a lot SG...yes, it was meant to me :)

  47. we long as we are not hurting the people in power...

  48. a pretty sought after and researched work...going by the happening of the country right now...i can only say a lot more needs to be done..lets keep up the hope and work forward :)

  49. realy u have touched my heart and mind as wel....this is so informative as well as so expresive that i hav strtd to question the integrity and unity of this country...thnk u very much fr this beautiful post....

  50. Subhrashis AdhikariAugust 18, 2011 at 6:28 PM

    thanks a lot Varunuchiha...please do not question the integrity of this country...relationships are fragile because of the difference, that is what i wanted to say...but still the whole country can join together and fight without violence even today...we have the potential to be united

  51. When we can't give the people of india basic needs of food, cloth and shelter, then we haven't got any right to discuss on big things like changing the scenario. We lack in the very basics. The fight should take a turn to become a revolution, changing the whole scenario of living in this country. Unity is just hyped in our country, we haven't got any. I still can see ignorant people who think that government is not going to budge.. See the stale condition!! 

    We should participate, try and be the change we want in this world. Till the time I am in India, I'll do what I can, raise my voice, I am for this fight... Hunger, pain, basic needs, and the desperate need of the hour..


  52. absolutely...there is no easy way out...we have to fight it...good to know that you are fighting it out....

  53. Very interesting!!Must say, the name is apt!!

  54. Hey thanks for taking the time out for clearing my doubts :) a very well researched post indeed and I like the categorization :) :) 

  55. A well-researched and excellently-written post!

    Keep them coming! 

    PLEASE promote my post on IndiVine! It can be found here-

  56. Wow that was one well thought out, much researched on post. Well written :P An though its about our freedom and everyone says they know everything, this post tells us a lot more we didnt know. 


    Enjoyeeeed reading this thoroughly.

  57. Glad to know that...thanks a lot Sonshu :)

  58. To quote you in of the comments you said

    "corruption is indeed the biggest problem...and it comes out of education i meant true knowledge and not just degree..a
    person with true knowledge has less chance of being corrupt, and will be
    the one who will implement and embrace change...."

    I do believe in the same from the core of my heart and I wish we all shall strive to make this country a better place to live.

    Am making a copy of this whole blog post in my evernote. Will keep visiting this blog from now on.


  59. i'm glad that u liked it....thanks a lot :)...

  60. There was nothing like a Partition. The Muslims always hated Hindus and they still do.
    The Muslims think that the Hindus are kaffirs and must be subjugated and insulted.
    The Pakistanis were also called Indians but for them their Islamic identity was more important than their Indian identity.

  61. that is a gross generalization...some Muslims hate Hindus...and i know some Hindus who hate Muslims eye for an eye and we will end up in a blind world.....

  62. It looks like you don't know the meaning of "some"...
    Here is a list of 13 Islamic terrorist organisations in India.
    And note that India has only 13.4% muzzies

  63. i have seen the good and bad of both isn't religion that is good or bad, it is the human mind....don't saturate it with poison....

  64. and since you are still reading my "
    Too much "Dangling In The Air" "posts here is a link to make you more angry :p.... 

    i don't want to change your have the right to think what ever you want to....i respect that...but nor do anyone has the right to change mine....:)

    all the best :)

    a blind fool

  65. Finally... Someone Can see India as it is Rather Than Turn a Blind Eye on The Issues and Problems Here .. Good Post

  66. I am an Indian Living in Australia and I can't find a Single Reason To Live in India Or To be In India at All..

    My City Amritsar in India is Full Of Rubbish Piling Everywhere

    Dog Feces on the streets

    Electricity Problem Everyday

    No Green Parks or Anywhere Nice to Go to

    Pollution Out Of Control

    Mentally Retarded Incompetent Doctors

    Dirty Hospitals

    and the list goes on..

    So I love India Because .....??? Figure It Out Yourself..

    1. accepting we have a problem is the first step to a solution...only we can change it...

  67. after all its just a word... i'm really impressed.. :) tat quite was a leap. Yes facing the problem is definitely the first step of solution.. nice policy out there bro keep blogging :)


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