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We miss our dear ones separated by space. We feel the emotions in particular moments in time. We feel hungry because our meals are separated by time; we can eat food because our foods are separated from us by space (until of course we eat them and the fish you ate becomes part of you). Our perceived world depends entirely on the framework of time and space. We wake up every morning at a particular time. Have breakfast and go to office at a particular distance from our home. Come back, spent quality time with our family. Have dinner and go to sleep. In our sleep we dream. In dreams time has no account. Events separated by decades can be brought together into the same moment. The dreamer can be transported to past or future. Even space has no space in dream world. Our home might appear in a far away land. We can become a giant, or a Lilliput. The dream world is fluid; it obeys no laws except its own.

Truth, at times, can be stranger than fiction (or even dreams). After the weird discoveries by Quantum Mechanics, I can safely say, truth is indeed stranger than even science fiction. One of the weird results of Quantum Mechanics is quantum entanglement (QE). QE occurs when particles interact physically to become an entangled pair and then gets separated. You affect one and the other gets affected, no matter how far separated they are (check video below). They seem to ignore space. When the double-slit experiment was done separately on each particle of the pair (say A and B); when one of the particles was observed, both showed particle behaviour (unlike wave when not observed). But the experiment got weirder. When A hit the screen earlier, and B hit the screen later and B was observed, then also A showed particle behaviour. This was weird as B was observed only after A had already hit the screen! The particle knew what will happen in the future, challenging our concept of free-will. Not only space, they ignore time too, just like our dream world. If Big Bang Theory is true then every particle must have interacted with each other in the beginning. Then everything in the universe must be connected somehow. If every particle knows what every other particle is doing (telepathy?), and what will happen to them in the future, everything becomes a single connected super-conscience. The non-locality of QE challenges the idea of separateness of things. The sense of separation that helps us distinguish between you, me, Halley’s comet and the fish that you ate in dinner becomes just an illusion.

The time and space on which our perception of life depends so much is indeed fluid, like in the dream world. It has been proven that time dilates and space contracts at higher speeds (REF). If you travel at 99% the speed of light your 10yrs will be equivalent to 70yrs for the people on earth. At a speed of 42,300,000 m/s you will become 1 % shorter. At the speed of light the tiny you will become omnipresent. So, people at different latitudes in the world moving at different relative velocities (add to that the different tectonic plate velocities, gravity and earth’s wobble), must age as per different time clock! If time is an illusion of our mind (check my earlier post on time); we age not in body, but in mind.

Another weird revelation of quantum mechanics is the Quantum Zeno Effect. Just looking at stuff can change how things behave. In 1990, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado proved it by holding beryllium ion at an unstable configuration just by observing. Observe a decaying atom and it will never decay. Yes, you might even stop atom bombs from exploding just by looking at it. Didn’t I say it’s all in the mind!

Animal brains are hardwired to perceive the world in certain ways. In the last post we have seen the limitations of our senses. Those senses, with which we perceive the world, create a ‘sense of separation’. It breaks the unified conscience into smaller entities which we call ‘I’ (remember the 20 watt fountain of energy operating in our brains?).  ‘Sense of separation’ creates the perception of space and time (separation is space, and the change between two separate entities is time); and thus of happiness and pain, of life and death. That ‘sense of separation’ (to me) is the illusion or Maya. At absolute zero, all atoms should act identically like a single super atom (REF). Maybe, when we will attend that state we will break the ‘sense of separation’ and get enlightened. All the individual specks of conscience will act like a single super-conscience.

Every person has their own definition of god. Based on that they either decide to believe or ignore god.  Many does not like the idea of god, rather religion, because it has killed more people then it saved. A creator and destroyer god, separate from us, brings in the paradox “Can god/goddess create a stone too heavy for her/him to lift?” Either way god looses. Then comes the question weather god plays or does not play dice. The single united super-conscience is my GOD, who does not care for good or bad, for happiness, or sadness, needs no religion or religious customs; who does not want you to pray for salvation. Creation and destruction, playing dice or not, require the perception of time and space. These words are meaningless outside the realm of time and space. My GOD is omnipresent, omniscience, without beginning or end… so am I…and so are you.  We all are part of it; I am just waiting for me to realize.

P.S. Again I am trying to oversimplify the truth here. But that’s all my limited brain allows me to do. Let your mind define your own GOD…or lack of it. But do not let your faith blind you.

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  1. You would love the book Einstein's Dreams By: Alan Lightman. I read it in grad school and kept a sketchbook to go along with the reading. Super good book!

  2. Great words again. I got what you want to say but I've since my  knowledge of science is limited. I can't get the inherent meaning. Person from science background would love your post like my husband. I will read it again in the evening when he is back from office. 

  3. well written...

  4. that really made me think....does day dreaming also count on this ? well then I have been to many places at the same time....i can see the link how how you got from emotions to dreams....when you write you take the readers to a different level....another great piece of work to ponder about...

    I agree that God is omnipresent  and dependent on beliefs...you believe God exist so he does, if he he thinks  it does not , then God does not exist only big bang theory exists. As human's we always try to find God in other things like a stone or a wristband only the enlightened one can understand that even he is a part of GOD himself....

    thanks for sharing again thinking thinking, thinking

  5. do read again, i would love to know the opinion :-)

  6. thanks for sharing Alissa...I will definitely try :-)

  7. Wow, deep stuff man...n brilliant analyses.. I'm a follower :)

  8. As always, it leaves me with a lot to think and ponder. Excellent post. Had to read it twice to grasp it as it's very thoughtful.
    Thanks. :)

  9. Adi Shankara spoke about the "Advaita"philosophy which said that God and Man are not separate!

  10. yes...even Vivekananda and many other saits before him....

    thanks :)

  11. Words of wisdom once again from you. This post is incredible and I like the way you respect everybody's definition of god. Wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing
    Barkha Dhar

    1. Hope you are doing well.
      Some of my posts are now part of a book.
      You can check it out in Amazon: 5 Questions of the Inquisitive Ape


  12. this post needs reading n re-reading to grasp its significance fully, great food for thought

  13. thanks Barkha....glad you liked it :)

  14. Very impressive, seems like what the ancient texts have been talking about is not fantasy but possible. Transformation and transfiguration are all possible as supported by quantum mechanics

  15. we are yet to understand quantum mechanics fully....but it seems like it is going that way. thanks for your comments :)

  16. Again, some deeply researched stuff... It leaves lot of questions in the readers mind (in my case it may be a bit more coz I am not that good in physics ;) ) But yeah, I think I got the point, what you are trying to convey.. Brilliant post, yet again.. 

  17. I'm bad too...only understand the basic stuff...

    thanks a lot for your comments Sunil :)

  18. My idea of God is in the  "Goodness"

    Gr8 post!


  19. Thanks Piyush...
    I respect your idea...

    to me, goodness and badness are two sides of the same coin and that coin is itself an illusion....
    but then, that's just me...

  20. oh! i found someone who writes on....;)
    TAKE A LOOK.....

  21. Cant begin to tell you how happy I am I came this way. Have been thinking and thinking ever since I can think of, reading about all this you've mentioned(elsewhere) - with very little making sense to me. You present it in such a clear and simple manner, its given a direction to my thinking, thanks.
    Brilliant article !


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