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Prejudice is the biggest problem in the society. It can be it in terms of religion, cast, sex, skin-colour, status etc. Prejudice can also be in form of the feeling that human beings are the greatest creation, or even patriotism about artificially created borders. The motto of KHOJ is to gain knowledge and break that prejudice. But there is a word of caution for the readers. To break the prejudice KHOJ might throw upon you the concepts it believes in. If the reader believes on KHOJ’s perception without question, then KHOJ itself might incept a prejudice in the readers mind thus failing in it own motto. KHOJ is trying to break its own world of prejudice, but at times that prejudice might get reflected in its writing. Please do challenge them.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Battle of Khans

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Being Sickular Pseudo-Liberal

Just when the ‘ghar bapsi’ movement was settling down, a maharaj declared that every Hindu woman should ‘produce’ four kids. The maharaj actually became an MP even though he was accused of rape. But then he did not rape, he was only trying to make sure that every Hindu woman ‘produce’ four kids. These ‘Child Manufacturing Machines’, who are often eliminated before they are even able to ‘produce’ their first smile, have suddenly become important. Yes we need them dearly, as long as they are not ‘produced’ by my wife, to correct the statistics. No not the statistics of skewed sex ratio of this country, but the Hindu to Muslim population ratio that is on a decreasing trend ever since independence. Someone actually warned me few days back that if we pseudo-secular Hindus do not act now, our future generation will cease to exist… a scary thought. But then again, as another great personality claimed, every child is born a Muslim. We probably need ‘ghar bapsi’ as the first ceremony after the child birth, because I am sure before birth every soul was a Hindu. Wasn't it Babas? 

Clash of Ideologies

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Will the Fall in Oil Price Help India?

Birth of the Industry

Oil industry has been governing the world politics for the better part of 20th century. It all started when a crazy retired railway man called Cornel Drake was hired to drill one of the first oil exploration wells. Using some old Chinese methods he and his workers started to drill a well in Pennsylvania, USA. After days of slow and difficult drilling without any results the investors gave up. A letter was send to Drake to close down the operations. Thanks to the slow postal system, on August 27 1859, the day the letter reached, Drake had already seen the first drops of oil rising through the borehole.  News spread rapidly leading to the mad rush for black gold. Widespread uncontrolled drilling led rapid increase in oil production and resulting decreasing in oil price making Drake’s well uneconomic. Drake died a poor man after kick starting one of the most powerful industries of the world. Oil Industry made many people rich, and probably the richest of them all was John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was a shrewd and cleaver businessman under whom Standard Oil Company gained monopoly over the oil business. Since then the industry has never looked back. The power of the industry was realized during the World Wars, where it played a key role in deciding the outcome of the deadliest battles in history.