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Prejudice is the biggest problem in the society. It can be it in terms of religion, cast, sex, skin-colour, status etc. Prejudice can also be in form of the feeling that human beings are the greatest creation, or even patriotism about artificially created borders. The motto of KHOJ is to gain knowledge and break that prejudice. But there is a word of caution for the readers. To break the prejudice KHOJ might throw upon you the concepts it believes in. If the reader believes on KHOJ’s perception without question, then KHOJ itself might incept a prejudice in the readers mind thus failing in it own motto. KHOJ is trying to break its own world of prejudice, but at times that prejudice might get reflected in its writing. Please do challenge them.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Ever wondered what would have happened to Marlin, father of Nemo, once his beloved wife died, if the story was not conceived by the biased perception of a human mind? He would not have stayed Marlin, but become Marla instead. Marlin and Nemo belong to a strange species called Clown-fish who are sequential hermaphrodites. This means that they have the freedom of changing their sex without the need of costly, far from perfect, surgeries. Once the female dies the largest male undergoes a sex change and takes her position. Marlin's position in turn would be taken up by the non-mating males in the group. Some animals and plants seem to give their species gender flexibility. Human beings, unfortunately, do not enjoy that luxury. To humans, uncomfortable with things that are different, flexibility of gender is considered an abnormality. Our modern culture classifies human beings strictly into two genders – the male and the female. This unnatural classification has no place for those who do not naturally fit into these two pigeon holes, leaving them with a life of shame for no fault of their own.