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Life 'you know' is an illusion

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Seeing is believing, or is it? If you consider yourself the size of an empty football stadium, then the actual solid matter that makes you is of the size of a fly. Yes, that is how hollow your atoms are, and so are you. Wouldn’t everything you see be transparent then? Why can’t you pass through the walls? The reality that we know is an interpretation of our brain based on the information we perceive through our senses. So the reality we know is as good as our senses. Let’s see how good our senses are.

What is sight? It is just billions of photons reflecting from an object and hitting the rods and cones within your eyes, and the brain then creating an image. If you were seeing the object, then the world around you would have been a transparent one. The feeling of solidness that we have around us is an illusion. You ‘see’ the apparent solidness because the electrons on the outer surface of the object are continuously repelling most of the photons that hits it. You are not seeing the object; you are seeing only the photons that hit the right spots in your eyes. It’s an empty world out there.

The world around you is also not that colourful. The colour exists only in your mind. There is nothing as beauty or ugly, it’s in your MIND. A person having dark complexion is only absorbing most of the photons compared to one who is fair. Then why do we distinguish based on skin colour? Only because of the advertisements, films, and us who promote the fairer skin. It is a prejudice that has roots to hundreds of yeas of slavery. In today’s world it is plain stupidity. The discrimination helps no one but the cosmetics companies.

Now let’s go back to the double-slit experiment (Check This Post). When anything is observed it behaves as a particle. Moment you do not observe it, it behaves as a wave of probability. So our observations have the power to change the reality, or rather what we observe is an oversimplification of the reality. Moreover, you only see the wavelength range 390 to 750 nm of the electromagnetic spectra. What about the rest? What you see is not only an oversimplification of the truth, but also incomplete, and what you interpret is just a painting of your mind. You put in the colours, you give it the shape.

After sight, our next most dependent sense is the sense of touch. But you are not really touching anything. Remember what I said about the atoms? It’s an empty world. When you are sitting on a chair, you are not really sitting; you are actually floating in the air infinitesimally small distance above the chair. The electrons in the chair are continuously repelling the electrons in your body as you float. That repulsion is the reason why you cannot pass through the wall. Thanks to the electrons, else I would have never been able to sit on a commode. Think about this, when you are kissing your partner, you are not really touching his/her lips. Thanks again to the electrons; else you would have passed right through your partner. You are that hollow. Please do not think of this while you are kissing, enjoy the moment.

Feeling of touch is thus the invisible repulsive force of the electrons. The nerve is passing that information to the brain which is interpreting it as hot, cold, pleasure or pain. Experiments have shown that by activating different parts of your brain you can have false sense of feeling. How would you know that your real sense of touch isn’t false when you are not touching anything at all? And just like seeing, touching is also observing, and we know that observing does strange things to reality.

Now let’s talk of taste and smell. Do you know that apples, onions and potato taste the same? It’s the smell that makes all the difference. Yes, taste and smell are very much related. You can’t really depend on your taste buds with a blocked nose. Good smell, bad smell, tasty, tasteless, are all interpretations of your brain like the sense of sight.

Hearing, we all know, can be the most deceptive of all senses. There is nothing as sound. It is not only an empty world, but also a quite one.  Sound is just the interpretation of the vibrations of your eardrums. And that again is limited to frequencies of 20 to 20,000 Hz. How much can you depend on that thin tympanic membrane?

Our senses are only doing remote sensing. Whatever we perceive has its own limitations. The interpretation of the assumed reality is a gross oversimplification by our brains. And that oversimplified interpretation exists only in our mind.

To be continued……..

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  1. First, I will never imagine myself the size of a football stadium. :) I will imagine someone else. This is in-depth analysis of our senses. I think I will read it again (all the parts) to understand it throughly. 

  2. It seems my concept are getting clear now.

  3. Thorough and awakening (even a bit scary ) :)
    Wonderful post. Waiting for the next installment....
    Just one advice - put a link to the explanation of the double slit experiment where u have mentioned it.. someone not having read that post may not understand completely. :)

  4. lol...:-) is relative....and at certain speed you can be the size of football stadium...don't believe me? wait for my next post....:)

  5. Wow! Thats a lot of physics! Neverthless, very interesting & out of the box analysis of senses! I wonder what have you planned to prove in your sequel! 

  6. Sanjana SrivastavaJuly 27, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    Humph...that's too much of science... :P and I am thinking what to comment... But your this post like your other posts is very much informative..I likey :) 

  7. howdee...after a long time Sanjana...where hav u been?

  8. Sanjana SrivastavaJuly 27, 2011 at 9:57 PM

    I was on a vacation :D bt back nw...n tryng to read all of ur posts :)

  9. wow...that's great....I mean the vacation part...:-)

  10. Krishnapriya LathikaAugust 4, 2011 at 12:05 AM

    Good research.. and according to Gita.. one who is able to look and think beyond all these senses, knows the inevitable.. the God..!

  11. You've just made an epic post on 5 senses :)
    After finishing it I was wondering in the limited range of our sense our world looks and sense so beautiful(with exceptions).

    Whatever physics or chemistry involved no one can deny that senses makes our life meaningful.
    A complex n thoughtful read always....

  12. true...that's my post

  13. thanks read my post

  14. agreed agreed to every word of the post.


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