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Homo sapiens’s quest to decode the mind of god is as old as Homo sapiens themselves. Since the dawn of time they have tried to unravel the mysteries of nature. Their existence in itself is nothing short of a miracle. What are the odds that billions of tiny, apparently mindless strings, vibrating in their own unique frequencies, totally unaware of you, combine in the perfect formation to form the complex you? Very, very less! Isn’t it a lucky coincidence that you exist and is here right now, reading this blog? Khoj welcomes the lucky you in this journey to the centre of god’s mind through a series of post “Mind of God Decoded”. This is the first in the series where we are going to deal with the illusion of our existence. Are we unique? Do we really exist? Or is it just a cosmic illusion called Maya?

Ancient Vedic scripts revealed some of the secrets of the god’s mind. It taught us that life is nothing but an illusion created out of our sense of separation from the ultimate truth called God or Brahman. That sense of separation is the conscience that creates matter out of vacuum. With matter, is created space. With space there is change, and with change there is time. The moment that sense of separation vanishes, we return to the Brahman. That moment of eternal bliss is called enlightment. The poetic beauty of this idea will attract some philosophers, but in this era of science such an idea would not appeal to the mass unless there is some strong evidence.

The pursuit to unravel the mystery has never been stronger than it is in the current century. Scientists are in a mad rush to find the ‘Theory of Everything’ – the single unified theory that will decode the mind of god. The theory has eluded scientists for centuries. But with the advent of Quantum Mechanics it seems we are ever so close to our aspiration. The double-slit experiment that baffled the physicists, revolutionized science, unravelled the mystery of our universe.

 You might loose your sanity trying to think of it, but it is true. The particle travelled in all possible paths at the same time. But the moment you used your consciousness, your logical brain, to measure it, it travelled in only one path. Similarly, there are multiple parallel universes with multiple parallel you. All the probable path the universe can take, exists at the same time. But the moment our conscious mind tries to perceive it through logic we remember only one of the many probable path.

Why did the particle behaved like a particle when observed and as a wave when not observed? Why do we see only one probable life? Answer might be as simple as, ‘else our brains will get confused’. All our senses through which we perceive are limited because otherwise our brain would have been confused. We cannot perceive more than 3 dimensions, we cannot see more than the VIBGYOR, we have a limited audible range, and similarly we remember only one probable path. The consciousness that makes us remember only one of the many possible paths is the sense of separation. It is the illusion; it is the Maya. When we see all probable paths taken by the universe, we realize there is no universe; we see no difference between us and everything else, because there are no us.

Confused? So am I! But think of it this way. When we see all possible frequencies of light at the same time, we see a white nothing. Similarly, when we hear all possible frequencies of sound, all we could hear is a white noise. When all possible matter and antimatter comes together all we get is a vacuum. When a particle travels all possible paths with all possible velocities at the same time, the resultant velocity is zero. When all possibilities come together it creates a big nothing. So, when there are all possible parallel universes at the same time, there are no universes at all. When there are all possible you at the same time, there are no you. You exist only when you have that sense of separation. You exist when your conciseness makes you remember only one of the many possible paths. You are nothing but an ILLUSION! It is all in the MIND!

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  1. A topic which had it been bought up on a practical platform, instead of an online one, would have bought more unwell - wishers than well wishers. But I completely agree.
    Our conscious has made convenient systems to believe us as not only separate but also superior. This is, what Carl Jung called the Collective Unconscious.
    How well said, "it is all in the mind." But the biggest irony is, that even our "minds" are an illusion.....

    Great post.

    P.S. If you have time, do check through the grammar once, i found a few mistakes. Rest is perfect. 

  2. :-) ..thanks for your comments

  3.  that is why insanity termed as losing one's mind! :)

  4. I am glad you liked it....

    Will try :-)

  5.  Keep up the good work.
    looking forward to new posts.

  6. That is the biggest tragedy of Homo Sapiens :D

  7.  :-)....I comment's were not against you...
    Being a geologist I hav realized one thing...we human beings are too insignificant...both in time and in space :-)...but yes, comparisons are inevitable...

  8. Comparisons are inevitable. But generally speaking Homo Sapiens are considered as the smartest species on earth.

    Wat you are saying is also true and I have full respect for other species too. I am not at all tyrant in my conduct.

  9.  Thanks Jyoti...It would probably be a bit unfair (and a bit biased) to think that we (Homo sapience) understand the Universe better than others ;-) never know :-)

  10. nice post !!
    i would like to share Stephen Hawking quote here

    "We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very
    average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us
    something very special".

    Keep searching :)

  11. We probably would...thanks:-)

  12. As long as we are sincerely in search of this truth - we will find the answer - TAT TVAM ASI. There is only one reality and everything else is an illusion.  Nice post comparing scientific theories with philosophy.

  13. yes...But how deep can we go with our limited senses??? I do not have the
    answer...the thought of it facinates me though...must facinate most
    ppl..that is why ppl are so crazy to know it...

  14. Its looks quite complicated and confusing only till we just keep scratching the surface and never really care to know more...

  15.  I don't find it scary though. Maybe ignorance is the primary reason behind myself not fearing it. Only the knowledge of the estimate of power that would be at the disposal of our hands, ready to be unleashed like any other craft, that could only scare us, or ignite us. Until I am afraid, I think I'll tread along and on. And when I am afraid, I'll have had wisdom to face it.

  16. Anshul Thakur  yes...we all need more reason...reasons makes us comfortable...but our
    reasons are constrained by our perception, which in turn is reasons
    are itself's all a trick.... :-)

    what is amazing is that ... all possible parallel universes might actually
    cancel each other out resulting in no universe at all...solves the problem of creation, destruction, beginning, ending...none of them actually exists... and in the world of illusion, all of that is happening and the same time, and happening all the time...its just my fantasy...never
    heard anyone saying that...As @9a5e895f062573d50b349bcd3263ba5a  said, just thinking about it scares the hell out of you :-)

  17. I need more reason, that's it. I believe you, no, I believe in what you just said. It has been said before, is said everyday, everywhere. We need to listen.
    It's all a trick, just a trick.

    Waiting for more.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  18. yes...its all in the mind...the world is the way you think it is...but it's
    still an illusion...

  19. Yes...Science won't go beyond reason and logic...and both reason and logic
    are flawed...the beauty of this world is its magic....
    I do not think (and i may be wrong) that there is a what or who, or even a
    reason for our existance....we just are....or may be we just aren't....

  20.  There has always been a curious human mind behind every peculiar and riddle activity. Science is a reasoning and logical thing and will never accept anything beyond its boundaries. But eventually what boils down is "What and who is the reason of our existence?"

  21. Yes Purba....It scares the hell out of us....It is more comfortable to
    ignore the magic and live a monotonous life, trying to take all the right
    decisions (ignorant of what is right and wrong)...that bores us to death...

  22. I guess it is all Maya...Illusion...Magic....

  23. We exist in so many levels and never think deeply enough. Why? because it scares us. 

  24.  It is all probably a Maya

  25. We knew separation is illusion .But still can we decode the mind of god.Universe is perfect as it is ,but can we know the order of events.Although everything is in consciousness events does not happen as they seems.

    1. true...there u decoded it ...

  26. Dear Indian peoples, please stay united and keep up the good work and try and help blossom the glory of India the motherland. So that all poor people of India also get good education and knowledge and health and peace. Our ancestors have contributed so much spiritually to the world from the ancient days and now many of you are integrated so well and contributing to science and technology in the west in spite of having to face disdain and hidden jealousies from western society on a constant basis, as only a ever humble, patient and virtuous Indian could do it. I am proud and Happy for all our great Indian peoples. Thanks and Blessings..


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