Saturday, May 7, 2011


– Written by an unrepentant oil geologist

He wore his favourite dress, sprayed his favourite perfume, today was a good day. The candle light dinner he had last night with the girl of his dream was still lingering in his mind. But that can wait, today he have to focus on the seminar he was about to give. He knew that it was the golden opportunity he was waiting for. It was time to bring his life back on track.

It was still snowing as he started his SUV. He was fortunate that the snow was already cleared from the smooth road. He still could not believe how, within a couple of days, his forlorn and unexciting life was transformed. His dream career and dream girl are both awaiting him.

He reached his destination an hour early. It stopped snowing by the time he parked his car, but it was still freezing outside. He put on his
polyester jacket and went inside the Grand Hotel. As he showed his special ‘speaker’ pass to the security, he was greeted by an ever smiling receptionist who showed him the way to the conference room.  He felt comfortable inside the heated building. The warmth of the rooms cooled his nerves.

It was a big conference hall, and he knew there would be a huge audience. It was his chance to impress some big names and create the network which is so essential in his profession. The crowd filled in, inauguration speech was given, and finally came the moment, his name was announced. With his new found confidence he went up to the stage. With the vision of a perfect future in his eyes he started his speech on 'Global Oil Industry=Weapon of Mass Destruction”.

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  1. I meant the power of Brevity.

  2. The power of breity...u have put it so well. True.

  3. Tulika Verma .....thanks :-)...yes it is coz it means power....and it means power coz we depend on it so much...the world would stop dead if it suddenly runs out....:-)

  4. Interesting! It is after all a factor behind all the wars!

  5. Thanks @182f08c83babd17d10ad5cdd317fa134 :-)


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