Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It’s a good life [Anand]

"Here is ANAND and his Musings...because life is like that...Check out his blog for a better and happier life....:)" - SUB
When SUB asked me to write a guest post for KHOJ, I didn’t have any second thought and said yes. Of course, who will say no to SUB and his lovely, thoughtful blog? I thank him for choosing me to write a post here. It’s indeed an honour! When I pondered on the topic for him, this was what came to my mind. It’s a good life out there and why can’t we enjoy it to the fullest?

It’s a good life

There will always be a bit of dissatisfaction in everything we do and receive in life. We wonder it could’ve been better and things could’ve been more in abundance like more happy moments, lovely romances, sweet understandings, no fights, no grudges, more money, more comfort etc.

But before we demand too much or complain about anything, have we enjoyed everything that life has offered? Have we seen the positive side of all situations to make it look normal and good? We often tend to see one side of the situation and fish in shallow waters. Though we know that there’s other side to every situation and should think deep before coming to a conclusion and crib/whine about anything.

With the pressure in work side and in life, we say that peace of mind is lost and want to get it back. Remember, solutions always lie within the vicinity of the problem. You cannot find the key in the light when you’ve lost it in the dark! Have a serene walk by the beach, do an open talk with your close mate over a cuppa coffee, enjoy a child’s smile, smell a bunch of roses in the bouquet. And make sure you find time to enjoy such things in life.

Money and other materialistic things cannot determine your peace of mind and happiness quotient. If you feel that having less money or those physical possessions are the reason, you’re guiding your mind in a wrong direction.

With money, you can buy a bed but not sleep, buy music but not peace of mind, buy a pet but not a life. Learn to enjoy things that are given rather than cribbing about things that are not given to you. The best things in life are all around us and they are free - hugs, friends, smiles, family, sleep, love, laughter, memories etc. Devote attention to them and enjoy. It’s a good life!

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  1. I dont agree with that .. money is very important these days .. yes we say we can buy a bed but not the sleep .... but then if the bed is not good or very hard then also its not easy to sleep in it ... 

    To enjoy things these days we need money too :) 


  2. Oh the materialistic me is so miserable these days without shopping and a fancy bag that I have been eyeing! I would be lying if I said I do not get high with money, power and all that jazzy shite....

    Having said that, you do make sense in bits, where you mentioned, that the solution lies in the vicinity of the does...but not always...

    And dear darling :D friends and family have caused enough trouble too....sometimes they give more pain than happiness with their un-necessary interfering attitudes...

    Cheers :D

  3. Anand, this is a lovely post and I whole heatedly agree with the sentiment! Has anyone seen laborers sleeping on tar road after days hard work! Sant Kabir had said 'Sai itna dejyea ja mai kutumb samaye, me bhi na bhooka rahoon, sadhu na bhooka jai'( translated-God give me enough to look after me and my family and some to spare for alms)

  4. Allow me to disagree. Money is important, but not more important than peace of mind. We might now be "comfortable" on a bad bed, but we will still eventually fall asleep. But if we lack peace of mind, even a feather bed will not get us sleep.
    As you yourself worded it, we need money to 'enjoy', but living life well is not based on money.
    That is exactly what i think this post is all about.

  5. A beautiful post.
    Well written.
    A lesson we all tend to know but forget... thanks for reminding.

  6. Thanks for the comment Bikram. Before I could respond, Janhvi spoke what I had in mind. What I wanted to convey is 'money' is not the only thing that can help you to lead a happy and peaceful life. You can enjoy money but can't live your life outta it!

  7. You spoke what I had in mind Janhvi. Thank you very much for the comment :)

  8. Hello Chintan, thanks for the comment. Materialistic possessions can only give temporary happiness. We will get used and bored of it soon and then start our search on new possessions. So it makes us enjoy something for a brief period ~ an illusionistic pseudo happiness.

    But we won't get bored of love, an innocent child's smile, a whiff of fresh rose fragrance, the smell of sand when it rains, the breezy sea shore etc. We tend to look into this only when we are in trouble/upset because of those materialistic pseudo things.

    And of course, there may be some friends and family members (relatives) who always interfere or poke their nose into all privacy matters. Let's be least bothered about them. But in everyone's life, there will be at least one friend or one relative to whom we share out intimate thoughts and feelings. Life would be worthwhile with them. I mentioned about family and that could even be a better half, son/daughter and siblings too. :)

    Thanks again for your comment and sorry for my long explanation! :)

  9. Thanks for the lovely comment Rahul. And a nice quote! Glad indeed :) :)

  10. Very happy to see your comment Janhvi. Thanks a lot :)

  11. Money is the devil that haunts its caretaker.....Let not allow this devil to control you; instead you control this devil called 'money'(materialistic possession) in a wise way so that you can swing life away in your own way.....Life is short & Beautiful; I totally agree with you. Nice thought for the day and keep sharing!!!!


  12. Thank you very much for the comment Sriram :)

  13. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share

  14. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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