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Suicide [by Prateek]

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Subhrashis asked me to put a witty bio before I continue with my post. I tried hard but it is really difficult for me to come up with some witty stuff until I am not getting paid to write. Anyhow, this is Prateek from The Unwise Prevails over the Wise. Weird name, I know. Either Subhrashis was under weed or was in an ecstasy of his fatherhood when he said, “Yes, jabber on my blog Prateek but be naaice.” My post turned out to be different this time, different from my niche.


Suicide – more than a word, it has surfaced as a trend now; an epidemic. Over the past decade the successful suicide rate has notch new heights than to dip new lows. Call it situational or peer pressure that leads to such an awful demise. Without a second thought, within a blink of an eye they fly away from their miseries and sorrows; at least that is what they think. The concept of ending the life just because it is hard on you is not new. It has evolved during the course of time and have established itself as the eventual elope mean. From infidelity to a farmer who lost all his crops due to uneven rain; anything can be a suicidal reason in India.

Statistical data suggests that more than 17,500 farmers committed suicide between 2002 to 2006. Why? Perhaps because a severe loss in vegetation due to uneven weather conditions or government not paying them enough to continue with their basic needs. Hence, they turn towards “it”.

The nation stands upon a hope; a hope to see its children play and learn, but eventually take over the country for a bright future. What if the student has to dealt with the persuasive society. C’mon, we know how India society works, don’t we? It is either an engineer or a doctor; end of discussion; child’s opinion doesn’t matter. When a child is pushed to do something beyond his grasp, he/she tend to put all their efforts and when it doesn’t works out, he gets concerned about the questions society will put on him. It’s the pressure of education and not given right to choose which forces them to take a leap.

India is a developing country with less job opportunities and no amount of denial can suppress the sheer facts. When a country with an average literacy ratio of 1:42 is not in scarce with jobs what will the left outs do? Either they hang themselves or put excessive amount of sleeping pills in their bellies.

When I read “Satisfied with life, couple ended life in Goa”, not only me but majority of people must have had taken the reason for suicide as a sheer absurdity. I have grown up learning, “There is nothing that can put a halt on humans inevitable desires.” Whoa!

What intrigues me the most is the kind of thoughts thwacking their walls on mind while committing the suicide. Does the miseries overpower the emotional bonds? Or are they too weak to be broken by mere situations? Or simply, desire to live gets lost in the smoke of crucial circumstances? I have failed to sight the most appropriate explanation. Sigh! 

So, does this means “it” is the only simplest method to evade from whatsoever? There are different opinions some call it Mukti attained by unethical manner while some call “them” coward; unable to face the challenges of life. But eventually they all crease it for something beyond impulsive.

The part which saddens me the most is; even the educated ones are carrying out such an act without even considering that they are leaving a hole in too many people’s life.

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  1. I love to say a quote about suicide - "No problem is life is bigger than life itself."
    Great post. Good to see someone write about such a topic.

  2. Suicide is a very strong takes a lot to say that one needs to end one's takes even more to end one's life.
    People who resort to these measures alone know what goes in their mind that such a decision is taken and implemented. 
    we fear death, we fear mortality...I don't know a suicide taker's psychology but I assume that they above all fear life...why? I do not know...
    YEah, people have their reasons. Sometimes the reasons are really potent, sometimes not. Sometimes people can take them and stride along, some cannot. 
    The end result is just not a product of the potency of the reason alone, but that of the taker...
    To profess that it is unethical is one thing, to tread on the same words may be different. Who knows? Who knows all the educations comes crumbling down when one is in strife? Or a counterview may be that, the vortex of frustration and despondence that engulfs a person erases all reasons and rationale that such an act is committed.

    PS:i am not supporting suicides, I am only presenting a view of the one who takes suicidal attempts. I strongly disapprove of the act.

  3. i personally feel that "whatever may be the reason but more than anything, suicide is the result of sudden rush of blood"...and if someone somehow able to survive that fraction of second then the result is not going to be the same....

    Nice write up Prateek...:)

  4. very nicely written Prateek....thumbs up! I agree with Irfan ji here:-=)

  5. True.
    Also it's lost of sense for sometime. 
    How can someone thing of ending his/her life when he/she is related to so many people?
    Thanks. :)

  6. Words.
    You echo my thoughts with a different approach. We all agree to the last line though.

  7.  The article title is very suitable what have you explained in your article.I also wondered why people do suicide..Just because of the complexities of life.Evey one in this world is facing problems in their lives..facing challenges is life not to move away from them..Very nice article Prateek..

  8. I remember writing a article on suicide ... 

    there area lot of reasons why people do that .. 
    lovely post .. makse one think 


  9. You know Prateek, being someone who suffers from suicidal tendencies herself, I can understand *a little* why people may follow such a route. There can be psychological reasons, mental illness, not being able to justify why you are live, the guilt of living a life which you do not wish to, or simply depression....

    I liked the post...though, it ended too soon...

    #_# Chintan Gupta

  10. A very sensitive issue..I m a very headstrong person on it. to me no reasons, yes absolutely NO reasons could suffice for ending such a precious gift called life!

  11. Actually, I edited it. Statistics took all the philosophy away. So I made it short. :)

  12. 'Suicide' is definitely not the solution for any problem in this world....I don't think, it's a good idea but unfortunately, this bad idea is haunting the people of India. A nice analysis and obviously, this topic, you chose, is the need of the hour. Great work and I'm inspired indeed.


  13. Why would one be satisfied with life at the age of 39? that makes no sense whatsoever to me. The couple were probably suffering from some form of depression...

  14. very well written prateek. u chose an sensitive issue . life is given to live and enjoy why to think abt suicide

  15. suicide is nothing but murder of another/many living soul for lifelong............


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