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Happiness [by Anu]

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I am thankful to Mr. Subhrashis Adhikari who gave this opportunity. When I mailed him this post, he asked me to write something about my blog and brief intro. Before saying anything about my blog I m mesmerizing few verses by the enlightener of Gazal  Jagjit Singh:

“ye shohrat bhi lelo ye doulat bhi lelo magar mujhko louta do meri jindgaani vo kagaj ki kasti vo barish ka paai”

Well no one can fulfill his place in the field of gazals.  Memories always leave their footprints in our hearts. The thing which we can do is that we can memorize those instants. These are merely some joyous and painful moments of our life, but when somewhere you sit alone only these instants spread your lips wide, your eyes starts twinkling. My blog is the mixture of memories; memories may be one day old or 1 min old. These are memories and your appreciations which make my mind to write. 

My name is Anuradha Sharma. I am a b.tech 4th year student. I started writing blogs last year in September. I am not a regular blogger. I write just for my own improvement. More than writing I love reading blogs. I can spend my whole day sitting and thinking alone beneath a tree. Being a moody person I love doing things in my own way.  Having a kiddish nature many times I do some foolish things. My best friend always calls me idiot and mad. But the same I am a bit matured too.

I wrote this post last year. Here I am talking about “happiness”.

You are lonely. No one is there to take care about you. No one is there to talk to you. You don’t have anyone with whom you can say what you feel deep inside. The more you suppress your feelings the more you feel bounded.” Somewhere I read the panic is the panic of panic.” You are just sitting alone in a dark room full of darkness. You can’t to see even your own shadow. The room is filled with smoke. You are feeling suffocated. You are unable to take breath easily. You are forced to sit in this room from the last so many days. Even you have forgotten that how much your real face has been changed. You don’t know how you are looking with your grown up beard; you haven’t combed your hair. You haven’t cut your nails. You have been converted into a monster who loves sucking the blood of humans. But somewhere deep inside you have tried a lot to keep your innersole alive.  You are bounded by numerous shackles. You are captured in the shackles of dishonesty, falsehood. You try to beautify your face by cleaning it with help of the water of ewer which is the converted form of falsification. No matter you wished only expedient to be happen. You neglected your magnificent present in the remembrances of splendid future. Someone cried and cried but you didn’t wish to give him back happiness as a remedy.  And you complain people blame you. And you are unhappy.

Uhhhhhhh too much philosophical isn’t.                    
My happiness depends upon my mood. The reason is I am a very moody person. Sometimes my mood gets off I say to me be happy but I fail to remain.
Now let’s talk as a layman. What is happiness? This was the question which struck into my mind .the reason behind it is that we don't wish to accept ourselves as we are. Believe me it’s a very tough task to accept ourselves as actually we are. And the other reason of being unhappy I think is we don’t try to accept others as they are.
What is happiness? When we feel light hearten?
Today I was reading an invitation card of my friend’s marriage. How amazing the girl who played with me, we used to quarrel, I remember those gossips which we did and we studied with each other. And now she is going to marry someone. You may raise the question she is going to marry, nothing wrong then why I am talking like this. For me it’s looking as she is going to ruin her life. For her the meaning of happiness may be her innocent dreams which she would we watching for her blessed future. The girl who was just a child has grown up like a full moon and going to spread the happiness in someone’s life.

***For a beloved happiness means if her lover says truly I love you. When he shows her how much she is important in his life. How sweet it will look when he says I love you rubbing their noses and kissing her twinkling eyes while sitting inside a quilt.

*** For a girl like me happiness means to have a well established life and achieving those goals which I have set to accomplish in her life. Happiness is all about fulfilling the dreams of my parents. Or writing my heart truly also makes me so happy.
**** For a small child happiness means his toys. Playing games outside with some other children, for him happiness lies in eating ice-cream. Crying for a particular thing, and when the cherub child gets what he wants, he finds himself on the seventh heaven. Keeping marbles more than his friends make him feel proud.

**** For parents happiness is all about fulfilling the desires of their children. When we saw a flower it looks as the flower nodding at us, and brings a charming smile on our faces. The Same parents feel happy when they see their own flowers nodding at them and fulfill their heart with amusement.

***** ““But the real happiness is all above this all. Happiness is all about living your present fully without having worries of your future or past, without wasting even a moment. When we eat our favorite dish we enjoy eating each and every bite, even a drunkard also enjoy drinking each drop of alcohol. Then why don’t we enjoy the most precious life given by god. Why we forget to live our present in the tension of future? And we forget to cherish those moments which we shall never ever have again in our life.””******

“Decorate your life as a Christmas tree. Put the flowers in this tree so high which no one can have the courage to pluck. So firm in our own believes even numerous rocks of obstacle will not dare to bring away your cherishing smile” 
Keep smilingJJ

What does happiness means to you?

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  1. Happiness is a vast subject .. to me it means being with friends and family ... doing what i like doing and especially WHEN i want to tdo them ...

    happiness is to see the smile on someone face when you say Hello or ask them how they are ...

    lovely post .. thanks for introducing a blogger SUB...

  2. Happiness for me is peace of mind. I know both are different concepts. But these days, this concept holds true to me...Great post!

  3. Just a state of mind with ecstasy. 

  4. wow! ..decorate your life as a christmas tree,,.and decorate is the wat you want..true..happiness comes atr your terms..provided you set them right! great post :)

  5. The 'world of happiness' can be conquered only if one gives respect to their wills and wishes.....A thought provoking post Anuradha and all the very best for ur future career
    From: sriramnivas.wordpress.com

  6. very well said happiness can be conquered if one respect to their wishes n wills. thank u so much for ur blessings.

  7. yea only this another state of ur mind define ur way of living .thnks

  8.  i can guess it by ur heart touching poems,thank u so much

  9. so true.it makes us more happy if that smile is bcoz of us.thank u so much

  10. thank u so much shbubrashis sir.( plz dont get angry ;) ] i  feel glad to know this that i was in the list of ur first five followers. thank u so much, u r a great blogger, a great husband, n will be known as a great daddy too. ,, wish u very good luck.

  11. Hey Anu....Yes I can see that ua re a novice at writing and well...but ur thoughts do reach the sky...sweet post:) Dunno if u read the post I wrote here at Sub's place...Poetry and Magic:)...
    Happiness is a state of being happy...and beyond the examples u shared, I'd like to suggest you to read Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet" ...he is magical:) ~ Aakriti 

  12. thank u so much akriti.i have already many posts including ur posts too. but due to some network problem cudnt post my comments at that time.


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