Sunday, September 21, 2014

HOK KOLOROB - Stranger than Fiction

"This is a work of fiction. All politicians appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental."

Students protests after a girl was molested in JU

How Government Reacted

"So much hype about such small incident...Women are molested every second in India...What's the big deal....Do something Tapas"

"Will send my men...they will rape them"

"OK Sir"

Women police were busy elsewhere

That Night at JU Campus...

"Lights (off)...Camera (off)....And Action"


What VC Said...

They were singing so loud that my brains would have blown...That's how they planned to kill me...It was attempt to murder....I had to call the police...I feared my life

What the Police said

"The students were armed... with stones, chappals and god knows what...We had to charge for our safety"

What politicians had to say...

"The girls protesting were dented and painted"

"The protests are totally undemocratic. Students should study...not protest about their friends getting molested or raped"

"No Alcohol, drug fest...hence the protest"

From heaven

"No alcohol???? FML!!!"

Panchayat from Tyonga village had a great suggestion....

"Ban girls from JU....There will be no such incidents of molestation"

Meanwhile didi....

"All idiots....Why can't they simply say they were Maoists"

From Heaven Again...


But the young minds still hoped against all hopes....their fight continues...

Pictures from Google...sorry if there is any copyright violation....didn't have time to check the usage rights...

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  1. Ufff udanto!! I hope some people at the top "regain"their senses and do something about it!! .... Hok Kalorab!!

    1. Thanks :)...but anonymous bole ke bujhde parlam na...


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